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Terms and Conditions

The following are official commitments that prevail between a service provider and a Teacher.

1. You understand that GKPTUTORS.COM is a tutoring marketplace and will facilitate home tuition, school teacher,coaching institute teacher, yoga and meditation teacher, music teacher and other tutoring jobs through its platform and other resources as per your interest and expertise.

2. The registration amount is 99 Rupees. If you are not offered any tuition for trail in next 3 Months, you can take back your registration amount.

3. You authorise GKP TUTORS to collect payment for first month on your behalf in consideration of the home tuition delivered. You are not allowed to collect money from parents for the first month of running tuition after successful trail classes. You agree that all the tax liability for this payment is mine. Youunderstand and agree that GKP TUTORS will deduct its commission (plus applicable taxes, if any) from the payment received.

The Commission are mentioned right below:

1. Home Tuition requested for more than 2 months ? 50% of only first month

2. Home Tuition requested for less than or equal to 2 months- 25% of only first month

3. Company will responsible for first month fee if Tuition is break without your cause.

The following are official commitments will prevail in case of home tuitions jobs only:-

4. You are ready to give two days free trial at client?s place. After two days trail the company will inform you whether to continue the tuition or not.

5. At the End of first Month, the amount will be credited to your account details or you can collect cash from company office address.

6. Parent detail, number of classes per month, hours and fees, will be mentioned in text message sent by company contact number. You may receive information proprietary to GKP TUTORS. You understand and agree that confidential information so received will only be used by you for the benefit of GKP TUTORS and for the purpose of providing tutoring.

7. You will have to sign attendance sheet kept at student's home every time you go to student place for training. The sheet will be signed in the presence of student. The unsigned sheet on a particular day will be considered as an absent day. The Payment will be done on the basis of number of classes taken at the end of month. If you fail to conduct the number of classes that were promised at beginning of tuition, Parent can deduct your fees as per attendance sheet.

8. You can collect payment from Parent at the end of second month and continue collecting money until you deliver tutoring service at client place. In case you want to discontinue the tuition, you will have to inform the company one week before closing the tuition.

9. You are not allowed to leave the tuition in exam period of student.

10. In case of long leaves you can tell company so that company can arrange a new tutor at your place(if needed).

11. You will have to conduct one monthly test in subject where student is reported weak. You will have to report the results and remarks of student to company in format provided by company. Also you will have to fill the report card kept at student?s place.

12. You will always be paid for number of classes you have conducted at student?s place except trail classes. The company will take guarantee of that payment for first month.

13. You understand and agree that the relationship between GKP TUTORS and you will not be considered as an employer and employee relation.

14. You understand that the final decision to choose a particular student for tuition is yours and yours alone.

15. You understand and agree that you will teach the student if and only if at least one parent is present in the house. Company will not be responsible for any casualty or damage happens at Student?s Place.

Note: Breaking any of commitments written above could cause turning down your profile and legal action could be taken if needed.